New site coming 2021

Hi there!

You might have stumbled onto this site because you've followed me in other channels whilst I became the first Norwegian to cycle by himself across Australia or because you've searched my name.

Currently this site in under construction and hope to have it up and running by 2021. Recently, I decided to change careers. I left the world of PR and marketing and headed back to university to study fitness and health at the Norwegian School of Sport Science. Currently, I'm wokring on what direction I want to take this site and my brand. Should it be a blog about travelling, helpful articles about fitness, cool cycle routes around Europe or maybe everything combined? This is what I'm currently working on, so please stay tuned.

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My Australian adventure

During my time in Australia, I met a lot of really nice people. Mostly these were people I stayed with or met whilst they were driving a van.

But sometime I would meet someone as crazy as myself, cycling through Australia. In the middle of nowehere, at a small campground, I met Alexey (above photo). Another avid cyclist like myself, except that he cycles a lot more than me. You can read all about his Australian adventure (and other cycling adventures) on his blog. Since that day in 2014, we've met up when he visited Oslo a few years ago.


That's maybe the most important thing about travelling for me, the people I meet and the experiences I have. Because of my travels, I have a lot of good friends (like Alexey) around the world. I might not see them for years at the time, but it's still nice.


And if you'd like to read all about my Australian adventure, you can find the archive here. Appologies in advance, as some of my pictures are missing. This is due to a technical issue that I hope to have sorted when I relaunch this site AND relaunch my Australian adventure.